Two interviews with English subtitles : Marie Buscatto, Céline Kopp & Etienne Bernard

Because gender equality is a worldwide matter, we now have two interviews available with English subtitles on YouTube.

Marie Buscatto, a sociology teacher, explains why it is still more difficult for women than men to be recognized in the art sphere and how some female artists manage to overcome these obstacles.

Céline Kopp and Etienne Bernard, commissioners of Rennes Contemporary Art Biennial « A Cris Ouverts », talk about the creation of a project which shows a wide diversity of artists’ origins and an equal representation of genders. They also discuss their roles, as directors of art centers, and the importance of avoiding to be blinded by the confusing idea of « talent ». For that reason, they point out the value of staying vigilant in order to defend the subjects that really matter to them.

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